End Of Longing Leaves A Bitter-Sweet Feeling!

The comedy drama that is written by Matthew Perry who also is the main lead in this play is world premiering in West End of London. The story of the play revolves around the four people in their early forties who are in search of finding meaning and purpose in life.
Matthew Perry is a well-known star from the comedy TV series Friends. The new play written by and featuring Perry, is a comedy. This is about an alcoholic and he confesses that openly. He dates a sex worker. The character is played by Jennifer Mudge. There is a deal between them that Mudge has no say regarding his drinking habit until the time Perry does not have a problem with her profession as a sex worker.
The play is great until the first half. The audiences are genuinely amused with the one-liners and situations portrayed. However, as the play progresses, there is a little flaccidity which creeps in. The hospital and a therapist’s office situations and monologues make the play a bit offbeat.
In the meantime, the friend of Mudge who is a pharmaceutical representative and also in her early forties is worried about aging, and Mudge as well, as she talk about their life. This conversation is overheard by Jack who is a professional photographer, and he gets highly impressed by the way Mudge is talking so unapologetically of her profession. But it turns out that this photographer that is played by Lloyd Owen is friends with Jack (Perry) and has also slept with Stevie, the pharma rep.
Now when the four of them meet each other, Stephanie gets attracted to Jack but ends up having Joseph’s baby, and she decides to keep it. This confusion leads to a situation that is comic, and that leads to such complexity in the situations between these four people. However, at the end, the only person who remains relevant is Jack and the pain that he goes through.

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Matthew Perry’s Play Is Worth Watching!

The play written by Matthew Perry is definitely something to look forward to because he has tried to bring the format of TV on the stage. The scenes are short, and the lines spoken by the characters are smart. All the characters are trying to make sense of their relationship as well as their presence on the stage. This play is mostly about Jack, who is played by Perry who is an alcoholic. He is in a relationship with a sex worker Stephanie who is not at all ashamed of her profession. In fact, these two have a condition in their relationship that neither Stephanie would nudge him about his alcoholism nor Jack would question her about her profession. Now, these two get to meet Stevie who is a pharma rep and also a friend of Stephanie and Joseph who is a photographer. The intermingling of stories starts from here.
The start of the play sees all the four characters bluntly introducing themselves as an alcoholic, whore, pharmaceutical representative and stupid. The characters could have helped the characters of each other evolve better but it turns out there is hardly any evolution and the whole story revolves around the sorry state of affairs of Jack the alcoholic.

All About The New Season Of MCC Theater

The MCC theater’s new season has been announced for 2016-17 and in the line-up is Mathew Perry’s The End of Longing. This play was first staged in London. The other thing that has been announced is a one Woman show that is a presentation by Neil LaBute which stars Judith Light.
The season will start on September 6th and will see LaBute’s brand new play named All the Ways to Say I Love You. The director of the show will be Leigh Silverman. This play will be staged till September 9th.
The Next presentation is a musical by the name of Ride the Cyclone. This is a play by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell. The play is about a group of high school chorus members that meet with a roller coaster accident. This play will run from November 3rd until December 18th. The director of this play is Rachel Rockwell. This play as firsts tagged in Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.
The next on in the line is the play by Anna Jordan Named Yen. This play is being staged here after seeing a successful run in London at Royal Court Theatre. The play will be first staged on the 2nd of Feb 2017. The director of this play is Trip Cullman. The play is about the two brothers who live a solitary life with their dog when their starts taking an interest in their dog and interestingly the name of their dog is Taliban. This funny play is to be staged from March 12th.
The play that will conclude the season is The End of Longing written by Friends fame Matthew Perry. The play is all about the four people who meet in a bar. Their lives get so entangled in the course of that night that it leads to a series of events that leads them to find the meaning of their lives and relationships. The play has been directed by Lindsay Posner and will be staged on May 14th, 2017.

Matthew Perry Is Back To Acting- This Time On Stage!

Chandler Bing has decided to make his playwriting debut with a comedy drama named The End of Longing. Well, this not an episode of Friends rather the Friends star Matthew Perry has seriously ventured into writing and acting live stage plays. The play written by Perry is a comedy drama and ventures into dark comedy with four people who have just entered in their forties and are trying to decipher the meaning of life.
Perry has been seen doing radio talk shows and television talk shows but all he ended up doing was talking about his experience with Friends.
Well, Perry has admitted that he was suffering from alcoholism and that led him to not remember much about the seasons three, four, five and six of friends. This made a headline and served his purpose of getting enough attention for his new play that focuses on the character that is a self-proclaimed alcoholic.
However, there was also a reunion for the cast of Friends in Los Angeles. This reunion was basically in honor of the producer of James Burrows, and Perry was a part of this reunion. This was also a big headline for all the fans of Friends and there were speculations that there would be an episode on the reunion, but soon the co-creator of the show rubbished the news. She said that it could be a possibility for a TV special show, but there is nothing of sorts for the movie.
The co-creator of the show said that such an idea could mark the greatness of the show and they did not want to ruin anything about it. And for Perry, he made it clear that he likes people calling him Matthew because he does not see himself as the character he played in the show- Friends.

The New Play Of Matthew Perry Is Here!

The London stage is to witness Matthew Perry yet again. He is going to star in a play written by himself in just ten days. The play is about these four people who are trying to give meaning to their lives and their relationship. Sounds like friends but no, it is not friends, it is about totally different people who have to find reasons to be with each other.
According to Perry, this play is about four people- Jack who is a drunkard, Stephanie who is a prostitute, Stevie who is a pharma rep and Joseph who is a simple person and a photographer. All these characters have their unique identity, and they are in their forties. When they meet up in a bar, they try to sort their relationship with each other. This is the story of the night.
Perry is a drunken guy who happens to be the main character around whom the story revolves. Perry has been into alcohol abuse, and this character is also an alcoholic. Perry, however, refuses that there is any link between his alcoholism and that of the character.
Now, the play has a lot of dark humor and there are smart lines by the characters which help the play to get the applause of the audience. These one-liners amuse the audience and also the various twists and turns that the play takes.