How Leonardo Di Caprio Prepared for His Role in the Revenant

How Leonardo Di Caprio Prepared for His Role in the RevenantLeonardo Di Caprio’s performance in The Revenant was the performance he has been waiting for to finally get the elusive Oscars’ trophy. After several times of being nominated to get the award, he has failed to clinch it. He has even become the subject of mockery for not getting the award even if it seemed like he had already done everything to deserve it.

As he portrayed the lead role in The Revenant, he took things on the next level and finally made it. After all, why would you question someone who has slept inside an animal carcass or ate an actual bison meat?

The length he has gone through for this film finally earned him the award. Preparing for it was not an easy thing though. He has proven that he can do everything that is required of him, even the most ridiculous roles.

To prepare for the movie, he had to endure a very low temperature. He exposed himself to such an environment since the weather in the film location is beyond unbearable. He also had scenes where he went in and out of a frozen river. Not being able to prepare for it would be beyond risky.
For sure, Leo also had to go through a lot of physical training and exercises so he could endure the challenging role. Being able to reach the set alone is already a challenge in itself. Staying there over a longer period of time, taking scenes over and over again, is an even bigger challenge.

He also had to look the part. He needed to look rugged and tired. He even had to grow beard so he can fit in the role. He was stranded in the area for a long time, so it would be more believable if he had to grow a beard. Of course, we have seen him trim the beard off as he has come up clean and tidy during the awards season. In fact, you can do the same thing if you want to try having long beard. You can just use the best shaver from ShaverGuide if you want to remove it.

Well-deserved victory

Without a doubt, Leo has gone through a lot more just to do well in the film. He has proven that you can do anything you put your mind into. He has targeted the Oscar for a very long time and he didn’t give up just to finally hold it.

His winning speech was definitely something worth remembering. The best part was that it was not about himself. Instead, it was a call on protecting the environment and challenging everyone to do the same. He was not even afraid to go political with his speech. For sure, his role in the film made him understand the plight of nature even more. He has become one of the leading voices for environmental protection and it is great to have such a huge actor being the voice for such a cause. He deserves a big applause.

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