The Who’s Who Of End Of Longing!

Matthew Perry is a household name thanks to the most famous TV series of all times – Friends. Yes, he is the one who played Chandler Bing on that famous show. He has written a major play named The End of Longing which is being produced by the Playhouse Theatre. The casting of the play has also been announced now, and people are anxiously waiting for the play. Lindsay Posner, a famous British theater director is directing the play. He has directed Speed the Plow earlier and has been able to carve a niche for himself.

There are various cast members who play the characters are :
Christina Cole
Christina Cole is going to play the role of Stevie. Cole has also starred in many other plays such as The Magistrate which was produced by the National and The Lightening Play.
Jennifer Mudge
Jennifer has been chosen to play Stephanie in the play and is starred opposite Matthew Perry. Jennifer has been seen in important roles in The Philanthropist opposite Matthew Broderick and Into the Woods. This would be her West End debut with Playhouse Theatre.
Lloyd Owen
Lloyd has been performing on stage for a long time, and his major and successful plays include Good People which was staged at Hampstead Theatre as well as Noel Coward Theatre. The other important play to his credit is Stuff Happens that was staged at National Theatre.
Matthew Perry
Well, this is the most famous name in the list not only because he is the star of the very famous series named friends but also because he is the writer of the play. He is also the main lead in this play. This will be his first stage performance since he has started acting and people are curious to see him live on stage.

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All You Want To Know About The End Of Longing

Matthew Perry is the lead star of the most anticipated play of this time named The End of Longing. He is also the writer of the play which is going to be staged in Playhouse Theatre in London. The play is scheduled to be on stage from the 2nd of Feb to 14 of May.
This play is on the lines of a comedy and will be directed by Lindsay Posner. The Director Lindsay Posner is very famous not only because he is British but also due to the fact that there are many plays to his credit, such as Speed the Plow and Other Dessert. He is the director of the comedy play named Sexual Perversity. This was staged at the Comedy Theater in Chicago in the year 2003.
The play End of the Longing has four people who are in search for the meaning of their life. They are just in their forties, and they share one night together in a bar in Los Angeles. But this one night causes their lives to entwine so much that it is impossible to get out of it. This whole thing, however, forces them to explore the dark side of their relationship. This however leads to hilarity in the events that follow.
This is the first experience for Perry to act on stage and according to him, it is like being naked. There are shows on TV or there are films, you do get a second chance while acting. In TV as well as in movies, there are always cuts and retakes which are possible. However, with live plays, neither the actor nor the director has a second chance. In this play, he is not only the lead actor but also the play writer.
The other actors that are a part of this play are Christina Cole, Jennifer Mudge, and Lloyd Owen. This play has been produced by Howard Panter and Adam Speers, and they are drafting this play for Ambassador Theatre.

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