Matthew Perry’s Play Is Worth Watching!

The play written by Matthew Perry is definitely something to look forward to because he has tried to bring the format of TV on the stage. The scenes are short, and the lines spoken by the characters are smart. All the characters are trying to make sense of their relationship as well as their presence on the stage. This play is mostly about Jack, who is played by Perry who is an alcoholic. He is in a relationship with a sex worker Stephanie who is not at all ashamed of her profession. In fact, these two have a condition in their relationship that neither Stephanie would nudge him about his alcoholism nor Jack would question her about her profession. Now, these two get to meet Stevie who is a pharma rep and also a friend of Stephanie and Joseph who is a photographer. The intermingling of stories starts from here.
The start of the play sees all the four characters bluntly introducing themselves as an alcoholic, whore, pharmaceutical representative and stupid. The characters could have helped the characters of each other evolve better but it turns out there is hardly any evolution and the whole story revolves around the sorry state of affairs of Jack the alcoholic.