The New Play Of Matthew Perry Is Here!

The London stage is to witness Matthew Perry yet again. He is going to star in a play written by himself in just ten days. The play is about these four people who are trying to give meaning to their lives and their relationship. Sounds like friends but no, it is not friends, it is about totally different people who have to find reasons to be with each other.
According to Perry, this play is about four people- Jack who is a drunkard, Stephanie who is a prostitute, Stevie who is a pharma rep and Joseph who is a simple person and a photographer. All these characters have their unique identity, and they are in their forties. When they meet up in a bar, they try to sort their relationship with each other. This is the story of the night.
Perry is a drunken guy who happens to be the main character around whom the story revolves. Perry has been into alcohol abuse, and this character is also an alcoholic. Perry, however, refuses that there is any link between his alcoholism and that of the character.
Now, the play has a lot of dark humor and there are smart lines by the characters which help the play to get the applause of the audience. These one-liners amuse the audience and also the various twists and turns that the play takes.